About the Music Hound

Contact: lonelyfox_music@yahoo.com

Some time ago, I declared my mission to find the greatest underground and obscure music in the universe — and, perhaps, beyond. Such music tends to become so overlooked and underappreciated that whole worlds of perspective and perceptions get blurred by mainstream inundations. I posted some of my findings on Rate Your Music (under the guise of Stormyfox) and on an old personal blog via Livejournal. Well, obviously, a personal blog gets cluttered and RYM doesn’t do the blog thing.

I’ve been active in music on and off over the last ten years, releasing music in the band The Coherent ENcoherence, which was mainly a sound collage project between myself and Keith.  We released one album on Recombinations and had some great support from Jon Nelson’s sound collage radio show/podcast, Some Assembly Required.  We’ve self-released two other albums and hopefully soon we’ll have everything we’ve made up on the net for free download… eventually.

Since then, I’ve been recording ambient music as Lonelyfox.

I’m residing just outside of Rochester, NY, a stone’s throw from Lake Ontario.  I’ve been making do as a professional mascot for the last ten years, working for seven teams in the area simultaneously at one point.  Over the last year, I’ve been slowly moving out of that ‘career’, trying to heal up various injuries and not have to sweat my proverbial tail off just to earn a few bucks.  It was a fun job but there comes a point where it gets to be too much; mascoting is not as easy as many might think!

So, as I finally hang up most of the giant costumes for good, I’m focusing more on the music world, reconnecting with musicians I knew when I was active with TCE and Lonelyfox, and try to get those old projects moving again while digging around the record shops and the net for the best non-mainstream music in the world.

The Music Hound is back.

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