Electronic Music Dec – March 2015

Mytrip – EMPTY – Amek Records

Mytrip stuns with this shiny little 7inch vinyl! Mytrip’s sound has reached a new frontier, staying true to the drone genre but evolving into a more ambient, atmospheric and somewhat space-ambient scape.  The A-side certainly makes this quite apparent straight away.  This is something that one might hear and a more space oriented episode of Hearts of Space.  Flipping over to the B-side, things get a bit darker here and a little more experimental.  Think FSOL meets Namlook meets Biosphere’s more beat-less side.  This is fantastic.  It’s engaging, fresh and cosmic all at the same time.  This is more than a simple drone record!  Awesome!  This is a vinyl edition of 250 so grab your copy while you can! (5 out of 5)

Squanto – Basement Tropic – Lilly Tapes and Discs

After getting a chance to hear an earlier cassette release by Squanto (and getting to hold it in my paws) I was psyched to see this come out.  It took me WAY longer than I would have liked to pop this in my machine and listen to it.  Both tracks on this cassette were pulled from live recordings and sound both planned and improvised, which makes me quite happy.  In fact, at times, it feels like a longform and well organized sound collage.  And perhaps it is that, only it grows, layers, grows some more and creates a scape of sound… a structure out of voices, musical samples and other sound manipulations.  Fans of the more experimental side of People Like Us, Negativland, and perhaps those out there who liked Kurt Cobain’s collage will love this.  I actually really liked this.  it’s not very often this style of music comes my way.  Get your copy while you can; it’s limited to 50 copies and comes with a digital download and a code for bonus material.  (4.8 out of 5)

µ-ziq – XTLP – Planet µ

A combo of two vinyl only EPs meet up here on CD, coupled with a new track as well.  The sound here, for those who haven’t had a chance to scope out the EPs, is actually quite upbeat.  I shouldn’t say that I’ve expected darker or tech-heavy tracks from Paradinas, because on every album, there’s a rich spectrum of variety.  However, here things are definitely joyful in a sense.  The synth is rich, layered and hazy.  While some folks may say this doesn’t lead to much exploration, I disagree.  Much like ambient music and the newer electronica that’s been coming out, rich synth and atmospheres give way to newer frontiers, especially when textured, layered and tweaked.  And hell, even at its simplest, it’s still quite innovative. Just look at the track “Monj2” for example.  Quick beats and simplistic synth create something lively, vibrant and captivating, and in my opinion, stunning.  Fans of his previous albums will enjoy this as well as fans of new and classic forms of electronic music.  This album is stellar.  (4.9 out of 5)

Ekoplekz –  Entropik EP – Planet µ

A new 12” from an artist who has quite the catalog of material.  This EP combines a few styles jammed together, ranging from elements of chiptune, acid, house, techno and experimental to almost ambient-esque elements.  This is a very surprising 12” in terms of sound. There’s so much going on here while it seems quite simplistic in form.  It’s a case of “complex simplicity” where a lot can be said and created with just a few elements and a plethora of skills.  Captivating, entrancing, and stunning. Another incredible release from Planet µ, to say the least.  And seeing as this is the first bit of material I’ve heard from this artist, I am certainly intrigued to hear more. (4.9 out of 5)

Middlemarch – Wolf Hall – Time Released Sound

A winning combo of Ross Baker (Second Thought, Sturmazdale) and Dimitris Avramidis (Five Minutes Alone, International Debris).  On this album, we get a superb mixture of modern classical by way of piano, flawlessly mixed with light ambience.  It’s a surprisingly beautiful album, tugging at your imagination and luring you into daydreams.  Fans of the aforementioned projects will enjoy this, along with fans of FSOL, Loose Link, Off Land, Herd and Akkya.  I wish I had more to say but this is a standout album and deserves a listen! (4.9 out of 5)


About Nick H.

I'm a geek for music whether it be on vinyl, CD, 78 or whatever. My goal is to sniff out the greated music on Earth, specializing in the obscure. I make music myself as well, mostly ambient and sound collage (1 album out and a few remixes so far). I work full time as a professional mascot (it pays the pills) but will soon retire, i hope.
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