New Rock For Mid March 2014 Part Three

Vintage Cucumber – Tee Sessions – Self-released

Charting somewhere in a soothing mixture of ambient, kosmische and psyche, Vintage Cucumber delivers this lovely EP, riding on the heels of the album “Yoki Style.” Each track creates a brilliant atmosphere, stirring together each musical element flawlessly, resulting in the creation of a breathtaking universe. Fans of the more ambient side of Tangerine Dream, early Kraftwerk, Krautzone and Pete Namlook will fall for this release and all of Vintage Cucumber’s growing catalog. (4.9 out of 5)

Human Behavior – Golgotha – Folktale Records

Described as “gloom folk,” this album packs a sad yet sweet punch. It is very easy to see why they gave the genre its description. At times, it’s very cheerful sounding but the lyrics can still be dark, while at other points, everything is dark – so dark! But damn is it irresistible! “You’ll die and you’re OK with it!” This album truly is beautiful; it’s vocals are amazing, the writing is stunning and the instrumentation is awesome. The sound reminds me of a darker and more melodic Fleet Foxes (if you can believe that). Available on vinyl and CD! (5 out of 5)

We Are Us – And This is You – (self-released )

A three track single featuring prime retrofuturistic pop rock with hints of indie and jangle. The band uses a neat brand of vocal harmonies that I’ve not heard in a while, giving it an edge of blissful awesomeness. The standout track for me is “Talking to My Baby” for sure. Catchy, dynamic and well orchestrated, it amazes me this band’s yet to be picked up by a label. This is really killer stuff. (4.6 out of 5)

Cosines – Computer love 7” – Fika Recordings

While the cover art sort of references Kraftwerk, the sound here is very much indie rock, bordering on pop. Sweet lyrics and perfect jams highlight this single with bits hinting a little at Blondie, September Girls, and the Vaselines. Catchy as hell! (4/7 out of 5)

New Sound of Numbers – Invisible Magnetic – Cloud Recordings

From Athens, GA, comes the New Sound of Numbers. Their 14 track LP features an interesting blend of instrumentation, ranging from elements of indie rock to usage of a violin, complex vocal/fiddle melodies/harmonies, xylophones, and synths. This kind of puts the album in a league of its own. At times, the sound is a little bit like the B-52s and others, haunting and deeply melodic, perhaps hinting more at Fleetwood Mac, or maybe a mellower Polyphonic Spree. Whatever comparisons you might find, the fact of the matter is that this music, while brilliantly unique, is really quite good. Grab this album while you can! (4.7 out of 5)

Kira Velella – Daughter EP – (self-released)

Indie-folk country-folk folk-rock goodness! With the soft soprano voice of a songbird, Kira Velella’s EP is a shining star of genuine songwriting and rich yet simple instrumentation. The music has been described as songs for old souls and their inner child, and I can see what they’re talking about. It’s poetic yet easy to grasp, happy yet somewhat sad. This is great stuff. Cannot wait for more! (4.9 out of 5)



About Nick H.

I'm a geek for music whether it be on vinyl, CD, 78 or whatever. My goal is to sniff out the greated music on Earth, specializing in the obscure. I make music myself as well, mostly ambient and sound collage (1 album out and a few remixes so far). I work full time as a professional mascot (it pays the pills) but will soon retire, i hope.
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