News from the FSOL Forum – Terminal Radio – Transmission One

Akkya News:  Some time ago, Akkya’s album Abandoned Future Perfect was self-released.  I wrote up a review for it way back in October of 2011.    Now, the album has been released on a label City Wall Records and I would strongly urge you to get a copy!  Seriously, that album is awesome!  There’s also a series of remix EPs available. Grab all three!  Also, you’ll be pleased to know that Akkya has some new music on the way!  I’m pretty excited.  Keep an eye out!

TERMINAL RADIO: As many of you recall, there’s a TON of awesome electronic music coming from the members of the FSOL Forum, which includes folks like Herd, Akkya, Ross Baker, Nmesh and others.  You may recall their second various artist compilation that came out a while back, entitled Terminal Window vol. 2.  Now, they’re back with a two hour set of mini-mixes called, Terminal Radio – Transmission 1.  It features eight mini mixes to keep you chilled and engaged.  Check it out now on Mixcloud and Soundcloud!  Did I mention that Herd did the cover art?

Here’s a tracklisting!


01. Patrick Williams – New Line Cinema Theme
02. Oneohtrix Point Never – Andro
03. Brian Dougans – Long Day (Video Version)
04. Biosphere – Fast Atoms Escape
05. * DJ Spooky – Time Out Of Joint
06. The Holidays – Octopus Of Love
07. The Future Sound of London – Tired
08. Miles Davis – Orange lady
09. Jocelyn Montgomery & David Lynch – Hodie


10. Ambient Shane – 1931
11. Global Communication – Gamma Phase
12. Exportion and Meoss – Wall
13. Akkya – Clones, If Nothing Else
14. Herd – Untitled
15. Sturmazdale – Caves
16. Intex Systems – Ghost Panda
17. Funckarma – Fane Quantum
18. Clubroot – Inviolable
19. The Future Sound of London – VIT
20. The Future Sound of London – “Nuru Device Send”
21. Aphex Twin – Match Sticks
22. Herd – Tangent 43
23. Ecovillage – Nature Is Never A Strange Thing


24. Helen Arista – Travel Through The Parallel Worlds
25. Akkya – In Transit
26. Akkya – Encoded Transmission
27. Owsey – The Melody That Plays Loud Through Sundown Skies
28. Aliquo – Like Spirits Drifting Up From The Mountains Into Heaven
29. The association – Human (Halftribe Interlude Remix)
30. Akkya – ” HYBRID ”

The Dark Electronic Poets

31. The Dark Electronic Poets – Dark Poet Song 2
32. The Dark Electronic Poets – Dark moments
33. The Dark Electronic Poets – A Dream Light for Acid Forests
34. The Dark Electronic Poets – Dark Poet Song 1
35. The Dark Electronic Poets – Deep Time
36. The Dark Electronic Poets – So Far

Ross Baker

37. Rat Rios – Flora vs. Fauna
38. Ross Baker – Rain from a Blue Sky
39. Wolf Maps – Wolf in Your Headlights
40. Sensible Nectar – Unsafe in My Own Shuffling, Weak, Dreaming Arms

Loose Link

41. Nmesh – Terminal Interface (Ambient Mix)
42. Delia derbyshire – The Delian Mode
43. Loose Link – Scratching Through Memories
44. The KGP – Edward Will For Tydings Of My
45. Tor Linlokken – Dolphin
46. Option Command – Little Tiger
47. Loose Link – Hungscape
48. The Future Sound of London – Supercontinents
49. The Future Sound of London – River Delta
50. Explorador – 04 19112011A
51. Unknown – Auchen’s Jumbled in the Common Box
52. Herd & Second Thought – Combiner
53. The Future Sound of London – Far out Son of Lung
54. Loose Link – Come with Us

Five Minutes Alone

55. Five Minutes Alone – Jona Is Home
56. Deaf Center – Dial
57. Marcus Fischer – Wave Atlas
58. Ben Woods – Raindrops Deliver Messages From Above
59. Five Minutes Alone – Sleza
60. Murcof – Oort
61. Five Minutes Alone – Beyond Driven


62. The Future Sound of London – Coastline
63. Adrian Bond – Spleen (feat. Jonathan Stone)
64. Alva Noto – Is Otto Roessler Right?
65. Ennio Mazon – Trim The Sails
66. Journeyman – Estarlay


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I'm a geek for music whether it be on vinyl, CD, 78 or whatever. My goal is to sniff out the greated music on Earth, specializing in the obscure. I make music myself as well, mostly ambient and sound collage (1 album out and a few remixes so far). I work full time as a professional mascot (it pays the pills) but will soon retire, i hope.
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