Updates for January: Sweaters and Pearls, Tito Ramsey, Kraftwerk and Other Things

While those of us here in upstate and western New York bury ourselves in blankets and cling to our heaters as the next winter storm rolls in, I lurk by my laptop.  I’m hoping the power doesn’t go off, seeing as we’re getting 60+mph winds right now and I’m struggling to get over a cold.  A cold in the cold isn’t much fun.

In the world of music, Hectic Zeniths’ album has just come out with Kitchen Dip Recordings (for the digital version).  A physical release is also available from HZ’s bandcamp.  Check it out if you’re into trip hop / instrumental hip hop.

Coming up here at Tuning Into Obscure, we’ll have the next installments for the FSOL series, and a label spotlight for the newest 7” vinyls via Sweaters and Pearls Records.  And, if you’re into vinyl as much as S&P Records are, check out their blog: 7 Inches.  I’ve subscribed already and have been glued to it.  New reviews are posted daily!

I have been toying with the idea of doing another “Life and Times” series, much in the same style as the FSOL series I’ve been working on.  This time, however, I’m thinking of tackling Kraftwerk.  Kraftwerk is one of those bands who have inspired countless musicians and artists not just for their work in the field of electronic music, but in the field of experimental rock.  The problem, of course, is that the band only reissued their more ‘recent’ catalogue, starting with their fourth album.  The first three, issued between 1970 and 1973, have never been re-released, and they never officially graced us with US distribution, outside of various bootlegs.  As a result, the first three albums have been going between 20$ and 300$, depending on where you look.  For those of us who have worked our way through the rest of their catalog, this is all we have left to grab before we get the complete Kraftwerk experience, which will require us to fork over at least half of a paycheck per release.

So, it’s rather up in the air about when this next series will happen.  At last count, I still have about fifteen more installments of the FSOL series to tackle.  I may at least get the ball rolling for the Kraftwerk series and mix it into the blog as I go along, but it will take a while.

In the meantime, I got another press packet in from a publicist, representing Tito Ramsey of Seattle.  And as per requested, I’ll pass on the music to you, if interested.  The new EP (released via his bandcamp), is called “Hi Lo.”  It’s a mix of Latin, soul and electronica.  It’s an interesting blend of genres and to be honest, I’ve not really delved too far into releases like this prior to being sent the demo.  There are plenty of lyrics to go around with this release, which does make it stand out a bit from the rest.  Check it out, or pop by Tito’s Facebook.

— Catch you all soon–



About Nick H.

I'm a geek for music whether it be on vinyl, CD, 78 or whatever. My goal is to sniff out the greated music on Earth, specializing in the obscure. I make music myself as well, mostly ambient and sound collage (1 album out and a few remixes so far). I work full time as a professional mascot (it pays the pills) but will soon retire, i hope.
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