The Life and Times of the Future Sound of London pt. 19 and 20

Artist: FSOL /  Amorphous Androgynous

Title: Divinity

Released: 2004

Label: FSOL Recordings

Format: CD

Genre: Psyche rock

There isn’t too much to cover with this single, other than it has three tracks and the that it’s fairly hard to find.  The “Spector Mix” is the only new material you get and it’ not too far off from the original.  The “Band Mix” sounds a bit like the version on the mispressing of “Isness” and obviously, the album edit closes out the single.  This CD lacks variety, and I really don’t feel that I’m not asking too much.  Just about every previous FSOL single followed the “path” format, where each track typically had a brilliant amount of variance to keep the listener engaged.  It would create a mini-album in its own right.  We don’t get that here at all, and we’re left hungry for perhaps new b-sides from the recording sessions or remixes from other artists.  However, the music isn’t bad.  This is one of the better written tracks from the album and even though I admitted to skipping over it in my last review, I in no way think this is a bad song.  It’s actually quite good.

Should you buy this?  Copies on have this going for £30 (about $46.50 US), and that is the cheapest I’ve seen it go.  If you’re a collector, you might want to grab this just for the fact that they didn’t release many copies of this and it quickly vanished off shelves.  You’re not really getting a whole lot of new material but again, the track isn’t bad.

3 out of 5.

Since that review was short, let’s move on to their earlier single from the same LP.

Title: Mellow Hippo Disco Show

Released: 2002

Label: FSOL Recordings

Format: CD, 12”

Genre: Experimental, psyche rock, abstract

For the first time since 1993, the duo began using their Amorphous Androgynous guise.  It would be something they would primarily use for their psychedelic dabbling on and off over the next ten years.

Despite this craziness of this track, I really like it and I did not hesitate to buy this single when I had the chance.  The path format, though not entirely followed here, is semi-present.  Many of the tracks are very similar to each other and give the feeling that they were demos and alternate takes of the track.  Some versions of this are quite different and take us into different directions (mainly the instrumentals).  We finally get a remix treatment here by an outside artist, a first since “We Have Explosive” in 1997.  Jacknife Lee gives us a glitchy but astonishingly catchy rendition and I find this very well put together.  It makes me wonder why the band hadn’t tapped on a few other artists to take swings at it.

It is safe to say for this single, while a bit on the redundant side, it’s not a bad piece.  It certainly has more depth and variety than the “Divinity” single and keeps one engaged throughout.  I really do enjoy this and I do recommend it.  It’s psychedelic goodness that cannot be surpassed.

4 out of 5.


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I'm a geek for music whether it be on vinyl, CD, 78 or whatever. My goal is to sniff out the greated music on Earth, specializing in the obscure. I make music myself as well, mostly ambient and sound collage (1 album out and a few remixes so far). I work full time as a professional mascot (it pays the pills) but will soon retire, i hope.
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2 Responses to The Life and Times of the Future Sound of London pt. 19 and 20

  1. Ross says:

    The Divinity single is just a promo that was sent out to promote the ‘actual’ single, which never appeared. They were planning a translations/paths single a la Mello Hippo, but it just got scrapped for whatever reason – the finished remixes appeared on this and The Otherness. ‘The Band’ is a live-in-studio version and an edit of ‘The Band’ from The Otherness. ‘Spector Mix’ was designed to be the radio version, which is why it has a much better, less nasal vocal take from Gaz, and drums all the way through.

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