Picture of Nothing

Sorry for the two week gap in posts.  Monthly reports at work are due soon and that’s kept me trapped at work longer than i would like.

Artist: Komponente

Title: Picture of Nothing

Released: 2009

Label: Rednetic Recordings

Format: 3” CDr

Genre: dub, techno, minimal

The beauty of the internet, in terms of music, as mentioned probably a million times already, is that there is always a way for artists to network with other artists and/or other labels.  And labels can network with other labels easier than ever before.  Case in point is the N5MD label and its mailorder.  Here, one can order hundreds of releases not just from N5MD, but from labels like I, Absentee, Sending Orbs, Silken Tofu, and Rednetic Recordings.

Some time ago, I ordered a pile of stuff through the N5MD Mailorder, most of which were 3” CDr releases from I, Absentee and Rednetic artists.   One such piece was “Picture of Nothing” by Ukrainian electronic maven, Komponente (or his real name, Vyacheslav Gura).  Most of his releases have been strictly digital in format, but here is his first physical release.  It’s a simple three track EP featuring the title track and two remixes.  But what struck me about this, despite how short 3” EPs tend to be, is the amount of depth presented.  It starts off very minimal and slowly layers on subtle hints of dub.  It’s tranquil but doesn’t lack on feeling and it gives me this sort of easy, ambient sense of peace.

Moving onto Martin Schulte’s remix, we get a taste of chilled techno on a bed of gentle beats with something sweet and alcoholic to drink.  Schulte’s work has also appeared on Rednetic in the form of a 3” EP entitled, “Far Away.”  And after six minutes, we move on to Waveform’s remix to wrap things up.  Under this guise, Igor Arsenjev gives us a more dub’ n’ minimal mix of the title track and it’s just intoxicatingly mellow.  I’ve always been picky about certain genres and minimal was one of them, but when it’s done right, as it is here, I find myself enthralled completely.

All in all, this is a nice selection from Komponente and I am hoping to see more physical releases from him in the future.  So should you buy it?  This release features a superb balance between deep minimal electronic music, techno and dub without any one aspect drowning out the other.  It’s so good that it makes me wonder why it hasn’t gotten the attention other releases in the same genre/field have enjoyed.  I would argue that if you’re into this mix of genres that this would be one piece you should pick up.  Yes, I know that the short run time is a drag; the audio here clocks in at just about eighteen minutes, but that’s the thing with 3” releases.  They aren’t designed for full album-styled play.  These are somewhere between singles and EPs, depending on the material presented and the goal of the release.  At least they are affordable!

4.75 out of 5.

It is hard to say if this format is still in print; I can only find the digital copy on the Rednectic site.  Some copies may still be available on the N5MD Mailorder site.  For info on upcoming shows and releases, take a gander at Komponente’s Myspace:    http://www.myspace.com/komponente



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